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Top rated Ceiling fans Reviews


Best ceiling fans in 2014


If you live in a particularly hot region around the US, then a good idea would be to have installed on the ceiling of you largest room or any other one for that matter, a fan to cool off. When it comes to choosing a reliable model, things may prove to be a bit confusing because you have a wide selection base. The right decision can be made if you take into consideration the opinion of top reviews. Your choice is going to be a lot easier, if you take a look our selection of the top rated ceiling fans in 2014.


What is the best Ceiling Fan – Buying Guide


Keeping our home the ideal living environment is hard work and requires special maintenance. Well, there are countless home devices which you can use in order to create the ideal living conditions, with clean and fresh air, each moment of the day. According to the latest statistics it seems that more and more people are using with confidence ceiling fans in order to maintain a breathable and fresh airflow. This is why we are not surprised to see the growing demand for professional ceiling fans, designed to deliver a special breeze. How to find the best ceiling fan? It’s important to know the facts on the top rated products, currently available on the market. Only with reliable information you will be able to identify with precision the product you need for your home. The traditional ceiling fans were replaced by products with light designs, energy efficient and quite stylish. Capable of blending in today’s contemporary style for living rooms, hallways or dorm rooms, the present ceiling fans represent a great addition to any home.

If you want a little something special for your home, capable of maintaining a cool breeze any moment of the day, then picking out a great ceiling fan is certainly a smart investment. There are fans designed with attention, ideal for outdoor or indoor usage, keeping people cool and happy with the air they breathe. When summer comes, why not equip your home with a professional and high quality ceiling fan capable of lifting the quality and personality of your home? Now, you are probably looking for the right product, suited to your daily needs.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Air Flow Capacity Price Blades Blade Color Customer Rating Where to buy

Minka-Aire F843-DK

5300 CFM $$$ 3 Distressed Koa A+ AMAZON

Minka Aire F574-WH

4600 CFM $$$$ 3 White A+ AMAZON

Casa Vieja AG518LP-44 BS

4300 CFM $$$ 5 White A AMAZON

Westinghouse 7214100

4881 CFM $$ 2 Maple B+ AMAZON

Hunter 22460 Astoria

4694 CFM $$ 5 Maple-Cherry B AMAZON


In order to identify the ideal model, you have to gather more information on the present products, and determine which one deserves to become a permanent resident in your home. As you probably know, a ceiling fan primary objective is to maintain air circulating in a room. Air conditioners chill the existing air in a room while fans push it around, making them great instruments of heat and chill.

How to find the best ceiling fan? Well, the answer will come pretty easily especially if you consult the present guide, designed to ease up the selection process. If you install a ceiling fan in your bedroom, within a short period of time you will observe that the regular sleep patterns register a significant boost. Now, in order to suit the characteristics of other rooms, you need to look at the sizes of the ceiling fans and style. Furthermore it’s vital for you to choose a model that comes with a valid Energy Star certification. Now, let’s understand more about the actual construction of the ceiling fans in order to determine their worth better.


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The blades are linked with a design line format. They don’t present any specific utility once you turn on the product. The actual ability of the fan to move air is directly determined by the pitch of the blades, letting you select a beautiful one that can blend to the room’s design. There are ceiling fans that come with reversible blades, which permits you to reverse them and thus personalize the general appearance. You can pick from the classic ceiling fans with 4 to 5 blades or the helicopter style that come with 9 blades. Time to select the ideal model for your home!


These are the top choices:


Minka-Aire F843-DK Ceiling Fan


Are you having a rough time deciding on which ceiling fan to purchase? Our team of experts suggests investing in Minka-Aire F843-DK, a ceiling fan that operates flawlessly and has a unique design pattern. You can opt for a built-in light too, to make the atmosphere more intimate, but this is sold separately. The whole device can be controlled via its remote, allowing the user to set it at one of its three different operating speeds. Even though its motor is quite powerful, the overall energy consumption rate is very low, much lower than that of an AC system.

“For my patio this ceiling fan from Minka-Aire was the perfect choice because it has a pleasant design and it also manages to cool me off efficiently when the temperatures get above my comfort level. The installation process was a breeze as well, so for me this is one of the best ceiling fans 2014.” – Bernard C. Hart

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Minka Aire F574-WH Concept Ceiling Fan


A simple yet stylish design, plus a great set of features are what you should expect from Minka Aire F574-WH. It is equipped with 3 concave blades, which are pitched at an angle of 14 degrees. It comes with an integrated light for creating a special kind of atmosphere. The speed of the fan can be controlled either by wall controls or by a RC212 remote. This fan is great for low ceiling rooms, but it can be installed outside, on a patio as well. If you follow the manual`s easy steps, you will have the have the fan mounted on your ceiling in no time.

I went for simplicity when I bought the Minka Aire F574-WH and it turned out I made a very good call. It cools me off when I need it, quickly as well, plus I really like its integrated light which really adds to the atmosphere of a warm summer night on the patio.”  Veronica Smith

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Casa Vieja AG518LP-44 BS Ceiling Fan


An affordable and very stylish ceiling fan, which we recommended for your home is the 44” Casa Habitat. The ideal place for this model is a small room of your house because it has a compact design. Its motor is constructed from stainless steel, so durability is not an issue. A white light kit which is made of glass can be used to make the conditions in a certain room brighter. To start it you just have to pull its chain and the 14 degree blade pitch will provide that cool breeze you strive for.

“Looknig for the right ceiling fan for my living room wasn’t as easy as I thought. Finally, because I liked the design and its set of features, I choose this Casa Vieja model. Its light is my favorite thing about it because it creates a wonderful and romantic environment.” Elizabeth Goss

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Westinghouse Lighting 7214100 Harmony Indoor Ceiling Fan


3If you are searching for an appropriate ceiling fan to complete a room with a contemporary décor , then you should take a very close look at Westinghouse Lighting 7214100. The two-blade fan design is unique and won’t disappoint when it comes to its features. This fan will guarantee the efficient temperature control over an area of 144 sq. ft. Its motor, while powerful enough to regulate the most convenient temperature, will also cut down on your yearly electricity expenses. And the manufacturer even throws in a two year warranty.

“This fan has been a part of my home for several months and when I need to count on it to do its job, it provides a cool breeze of fresh air always. The design is certainly something special and the light bulb adds to its design as well. The best ceiling fans reviews were the main source of information used by me.” – Jackie from Arizona

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Hunter 22460 Astoria Ceiling Fan


The best Hunter ceiling fans reviews have only positive remarks to make about Hunter 22460 Astoria and its features. The mounting system for this model can be set in 3 different positions, adapting to any kind of ceiling. The 52 inch blade diameter, powered by its reliable motor, makes this model ideal for large rooms. You can control the room temperature to your liking because it has 3 different fan speeds. Even though it has all these top features and it still manages to save energy.

“I must agree with most reviewers and point out that this ceiling fan functions smoothly. Its design also completes my living room with its wooden blades. Since I have been using it, hot days are no longer unbearable, leaving me to enjoy a lazy day on my patio in peace.” John Darren

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Litex E-KM52ABZ5CMR Ceiling Fan


Your AC system can prove to be too expensive if ran continuously and to cut down on your bills a good idea would be to invest in a ceiling fan. This model from Litex will provide an excellent air circulation in those warm summer days. The bronze finish to its design and the built-in light can prove to be the perfect acquisition to complete your room’s décor. The five blades are pitched to the perfect angle, so they manage to cool the temperature whenever it’s needed. The installation process for this ceiling fan is standard.

“The reviews I read, all pointed in the direction of this ceiling fan from Litex. I didn’t have any trouble setting it up and its cooling features made me believe it was one of the best ceiling fans 2014. I recommend this ceiling fan because it’s reliable and has a very pleasant design.” – Jack Willaims

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Hunter 20803 Low Profile III Fan


Top rated Ceiling fans ReviewsThe best ceiling fans reviews in 2014 have pointed out the wonderful performance rating of Hunter 20803. The fan will make hot summer days bearable, while also managing to provide warmth when the temperature drop.  The white design is very stylish and it blends perfectly in an all white room. It is equipped with a WhiperWind motor, powerful, but at the same time quiet in its operation. The Hunter 20803 manages to save energy too, adding next to nothing to your electricity bill.

“I was mesmerized by the design of this ceiling fan the moment I saw it. I knew that it would be the best thing for my all white living room. I can’t say anything negative about the way it functions, but best of all it integrates itself perfectly in the theme of my room.” Andrea Collins

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Panasonic FV-08VQ5 WhisperCeiling 80 CFM ceiling fan


When the atmosphere is unbreathable, a bit of cold air can make all the difference in the world. This is where a powerful ceiling fan can come and lend a helping hand, a breeze of much deserved fresh air. According to the latest top ceiling fans reviews it seems you can use with confidence Panasonic FV-08VQ5 WhisperCeiling. This model has a power rating of 120 volts for better power consumption and air quality. The motor best quality is its durability, with a thermal-cutoff fuse and can run with 80 CFM.

Summer in Florida is an adventure without the right cooling apparatus to make days a bit more bearable. For this particular reason I decided to invest in FV-08VQ5 ceiling fan from Panasonic, a model that brought quality air to my home. Americans that want a high quality fan capable of tempering indoor air, should consider this advanced model.” – Lloyd Parker

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Westinghouse 7861500 Five-Blade Ceiling Fan


Another very popular choice for a reliable ceiling fan is Westinghouse 7861500, with its five blade design. You can choose from three different fan speeds, so you are able to have accurate control over the room temperature . This fan also produces warm air for when the conditions go below a comfortable level. Because it is built out of top materials, the manufacturer will give you a lifetime warranty for its motor and a 2 year warranty for its other parts. The best ceiling fan reviews in 2014 recommend this model for homes across the US.

“The lights on this fan add so much to its overall design and look great on the ceiling of my patio. It fulfills its role to perfection when it gets too hot, making me recommend it as a top ceiling fan to other potential customers.” Wendy Franklyn

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